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I am well versed in Photoshop and Lightroom for editing as well.

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-Sandra Mejia

Photography by sandra

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I have always loved to take pictures. From an early age, I was the one always walking around with a camera taking shots of the memorable moments with friends and family, or sitting on the beach at sunset to take that perfect shot, strolling through gardens looking for interesting vignettes, taking photographs of buildings and interesting architecture and everything else I could capture with my lens.

A few months ago, I decided after all of the years that I should turn this love of photography into a business. So I started Photography by Sandra. 

​​I am available for photography on site, or in my studio in Woodbridge CT. I offer photography for real estate, products shots, interior design, head shots/professional portfolios, modeling, buildings/structures and so much more. My one exception is wedding photography. ​​